Chungha Reveals The Most Rebellious Thing She’s Ever Done

Does “sweet and innocent” Chungha have a rebellious side?

The talented K-Pop soloist Chungha recently visited Jessi’s Showterview and answered some fun questions! Including what the most rebellious thing she has ever done.

Chungha (left) and Jessi (right) | @jessicah_o/Instagra

Before she asked the question, Jessi shared, “Everyone knows you have that sweet and innocent image” and then proceeded and asked, “what is the most rebellious thing that you’ve ever done.”

It’s hard to imagine “sweet and innocent” Chungha doing anything rebellious, yet she answered with a story of when she was in boarding school.

When I was in school, we were in boarding school and we weren’t allowed to order any food from outside. It was World Cup season and so we wanted to order a chicken, obviously at midnight and so we snuck out and ate chicken.

– Chungha

Sadly, Jessi was not impressed by Chungha’s not so rebellious act and exclaimed, “OMG! STOP! And that’s all you did, just for food?

Chungha tried to redeem herself and shared another story of a time she acted rebelliously.

When you go to like a certain event and it’s all day you’re in a car for like 10 hours. In Hyugaeso, I banged on the window because it was too stuffy inside. I banged it.

– Chungha

Following her story, Jessi was once again, not impressed. Adorable Chungha is too innocent! In response to her story, Jessi replied, “And that’s the most rebellious thing that you’ve ever done? I don’t know how many times I do that a day girl.”

Chungha giggled at Jessi’s rebellious nature.

Jessi ultimately deemed Chungha an angle, “Wait, she’s an angel!

Even after her two stories, Chungha still claimed she was not an angel, “no no no, I’m not an angel.

Chungha’s “sweet and innocent” can not be broken as she is just proved she really is one of the kindest idols in K-Pop!

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