CHUNGHA Released Her Official Lightstick And Everyone Is In Awe Of Its Beauty

The lightstick is as pretty as CHUNGHA!

CHUNGHA recently put out her official lightstick to the world and fans can’t help but gush at its beauty.

Taking CHUNGHA’s official colors, and her signature logo which includes a crescent and a star, the lightstick turned out beautiful and elegant.

Her name is written all over the neck of the lightstick and the way the light shines at the logo looks elegant.

The diamond that surrounds CHUNGHA’s logo makes it look more playful, and the handle kind of makes her lightstick look like a wand!

Byulharangs can’t stop crying over how beautiful their lightstick turned out and are very excited to finally have a lightstick to use for CHUNGHA’s future stages!