Chungha Reveals Her Luxurious 4 Story Home

Chungha revealed her luxurious 4-story house for the first time, and it is gorgeous!

While filming Chungha’s Free Month, she invited her viewers over to showcase the interior of her own house.

Her three-year-old brown poodle Bambi welcomes you first when you step into her house.

Chungha has a cute backyard that is often used as her pup’s hiking trail.

She revealed the inside contents of her refrigerator during the kitchen tour, where she confessed that she is not much of a cook.

Why would she need to cook if she has an entire room dedicated to all the snacks that her fans sent her?!

She showed off her mother’s room, who’s her number one fan!

Then she moved onto her own room which was moderately simple compared to other luxurious parts of the house.

She showed off her special LED beauty mirror that’s installed in her personal bathroom.

With such high tech beauty tools, it’s no wonder why she has such stunning visuals!

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Finally, Chungha took the crews to the fourth-floor cozy attic, where she spends most of her time when she’s back home.

Chungha’s mom revealed that despite her outgoing personality, she’s a homebody who enjoys the cozy inside of her luxurious 4 story home.

Check out Chungha’s beautiful house in the full clip below!