Chungha Reveals Her Sleeping Habit And It’s Super Rated R

In Chungha Manual, Chungha answered quick questions about herself and showed sides of her personal life never seen before.

And, perhaps as expected, Chungha’s sleeping habits suit both her sexy and quirky character! 

She hesitated a bit and said that her answer is a bit R rated.

“Uh oh, my answer’s a bit R rated…”

— Chungha

And she finally came out with the answer.

“(I’m not even a tangerine but) I keep peeling things off.

I remember once I just kept peeling off my clothes. Maybe I’m being too honest.”

— Chungha

Chungha also talked about her favorite season and her nightmare sports.

Perhaps another revealing moment was Chungha’s response to the question, “What’s something you’d like to do before you die?”


— Chungha

Chungha Manual is a part of the Chungha Freemonth series, where there’re plenty of closer looks at her life and quirky personality!

Watch the full clip below.

Source: Chungha’s Freemonth