Chungha Spills On What She Did To Become A Producer On Her New Album

“[It’s] something I’ve never done before.”

Chungha recently released her second album, Bare & Rare, which she feels is her boldest release yet.

Chungha | @chungha_official/Instagram

To celebrate the new album, Chungha released a new video that goes into the details behind the album’s creation and concept.

Bare & Rare allowed Chungha to show a different side of herself than she had previously presented, saying she wanted to offer fans a more natural concept.

Chungha revealed that working on Bare & Rare was the first time she had been completely involved in one of her projects from start to finish.

She felt inspired to have more creative control after the release of her first album, QUERENCIA. Until now, she felt that her song “Byulharang” was the only one that started telling her story.

QUERENCIA became Chungha’s “safe space,” and she stayed in a creative zone where she felt most comfortable. With her second album, she showed a more vulnerable side of herself and embraced her confidence.

Even though she was heavily involved in her album’s creation, Chungha admitted she was still surprised to receive credit as a producer.

When I saw that [I was given a producer credit], I was like ‘Oh?!’ I was surprised.

— Chungha

An increasing number of K-Pop idols and groups are becoming more involved in their songwriting process. With this, people may wonder what being named a producer on the song actually means.

A music producer, or record producer, assists an artist with their recording project, bringing their vision to fruition and guiding their sound along the way.

— Berklee Online

The word “producer” has become somewhat of a blanket term. It can be especially confusing when the level of involvement from a song’s producer can vary greatly, from guiding the song’s creation process to assisting in creating the lyrics and arranging the song.

Chungha breaks down precisely what it meant for her to be labeled as a producer on her songs.

For Chungha, becoming credited as a producer was a result of her creative input and participation in meetings surrounding the album’s creation. For the first time, she made bold suggestions and voiced her opinions that she would typically keep to herself.

While filming the music video, she gave creative input when in past music videos, she would rely on and follow the director’s vision.

She revealed that she feels lucky and grateful to have earned the title of producer, which she has held since her song “Killing Me.”

For more on Bare & Rare‘s creation, check out the video below!