Sunmi and Chungha Dish On How They Developed Such A Close Friendship

They’re so cute!

While artists Sunmi and Chungha usually work solo, the two teamed up for a stunning pictorial for Marie Claire magazine!

Time and time again, Sunmi and Chungha have shown off their great friendship and in their interview for Marie Claire, the two gave insight into how they developed such a great relationship.


Sunmi revealed she and Chungha became great friends after their appearance on Weekly Idol together. Chungha shared she was excited to work together and acted super charming towards Sunmi.

Since I was excited, I remember sending a heart to Sunmi unnie (older sister) and being very cute. But as we got closer and closer, I can now comfortably show myself to unnie.

— Chungha


For Sunmi, she revealed she easily accepted Chungha as her younger sister as she only has two brothers. This friendship is too cute!

I have two younger brothers, so I’ve always wanted a younger sister. That’s why I tend to treat Chungha like my younger sister.

— Sunmi

Chungha added that Sunmi often gives kisses to the air around her and Sunmi further shared that she even calls Chungha “Princess.”

Since Sunmi and Chungha usually work solo, they expressed how great it is to be able to participate in a pictorial and interview together. When asked if the feeling was different from shooting alone, Sunmi shared it is when it’s with someone you enjoy being around.

That feeling depends on who you are shooting with. Shooting with someone who you like and who you’re familiar and comfortable with is so much more powerful than when you’re alone.

— Sunmi

Chungha stated that since the two don’t get to meet up a lot, doing a photoshoot and interview together is something she really values.

We contact each other often, but we don’t have much time to meet we’re so busy. That’s why I value this time. When I’m with my unnie, I have good energy. I also learn many things while filming together.

— Chungha


Through the gorgeous pictorial and intriguing interview, the two are clearly are great friends and we can’t wait to see more of their friendship!