Sunmi and Chungha Reveal Which Of Each Other’s Songs They Love The Most

They are all classics!

Although they are known as solo artists, Sunmi and Chungha recently teamed up for a stunning pictorial for Marie Claire Korea!

They also sat down on their YouTube channel and revealed their top 10 favorite things on topics from snacks, ways of contacting each other, and films!

With both being such outstanding K-Pop artists, it was impossible not to touch upon both of their music discographies! One of the first questions was what their favorite songs of each other were!

Chungha was extremely relatable, explaining that “there are so many” good songs from Sunmi! Luckily, Sunmi already had one in mind with Chungha’s 2018 track “Roller Coaster.”

After a bit of inspiration, Chungha revealed that Sunmi’s “Siren” was her favorite, and they both even gave us a snippet of the choreography!

After songs, Marie Claire asked the next most important question of which of each other’s choreography was the best!

Once again, both struggled to pick one in particular because, as K-Pop fans know, Chungha and Sunmi are dancing queens.

There is a lot of beautiful choreography and dance moves in Sunmi’s songs.

— Chungha

In the end, Sunmi chose the point dance from Chungha’s “Bicycle.”


Chungha then picked two with the iconic “Siren” move and a section in “Tail” that her back-up dancers perform, which she described as “Sexy.”

Chungha and Sunmi really proved they are actual friendship goals, and you can watch the rest of the video below!