Chungha Swore Off Mint Chocolate After Eating This Food

I can’t believe they had to eat that.

Chungha and Joon put their love for mint chocolate to the test in episode 20 of Wassup Man. As two lovers of mint chocolate, Chungha and Joon approached the episode’s theme with no fear. That is, until they saw what was on the menu for them.

| 와썹맨-Wassup Man/YouTube

First up were various mint-chocolate flavored cakes and cookies. It wasn’t too wild, but they were nonetheless apprehensive. They were already not off to a good start with the mint macaron, with Joon immediately saying “I guess I’m not a fan of mint,” after taking a bite. Chungha agreed, proceeding to describe the flavor as “socks being washed.” How she knows that flavor profile, we’re not exactly sure.

| 와썹맨-Wassup Man/YouTube

Next up was a mint flavored Americano, to which Joon compared to drinking Windex. Yikes. They quickly moved on to the next item, which was the main event that had both Chungha and Joon horrified: mint chocolate fried chicken.

| 와썹맨-Wassup Man/YouTube

Believe it or not, it does exist, and comes looking exactly like that. Joon likened the textured to face mask paste, and he’s not wrong. Needless to say, neither of them enjoyed it.

| 와썹맨-Wassup Man/YouTube

The finale was a mint-chocolate rice bowl, to be eaten by the loser of the card flipping game. Joon ended up losing, and taking a bite out of the gooey green rice bowl. In the end, both Chungha and Joon decided that they had enough mint-chocolate flavored items to last a lifetime.

No more mint for me. No more green-colored food for me!

— Chungha