Chungha Tests Her Spanish Skills In This Adorable New Video

“A whole 5 minutes of Chung Ha being a meme.”

K-Pop YouTube channel hello82 uploaded a fun segment teaching former I.O.I member and current solo superstar Chungha Spanish on May 3. In the segment, one that KARD has also taken part in, the hosts give Chungha a series of Spanish words and she must guess the English meaning.

Before beginning Chungha talked about her favorite Latin American cuisine, where in Latin America she hopes to visit, and flaunted a little of her Spanish skill.

She guessed some correctly…

… and others stumped her.

Yet and still, Chungha dazzled viewers with her charms and cuteness. Fans on social media praised her for her skills and

This is too funny. Chung Ha, you precious girl. A whole 5 minutes of Chung Ha being a meme. They way she was guessing words gave me high school Spanish tests flashbacks. The potato part got me in stitches.

– Reddit user @gmssi

wow chungha really is precious i’m- 🥺🥺🥺

– YouTube user – ; sugavelvet

Of course her Spanish-speaking fans appreciated Chungha for taking the opportunity to learn more Spanish.

Estoy enamorada de esta mujer hablando en español. Keep practicing spanish ChungHa! You might one year talk fluent with your latinoamérica fans 😀

YouTube user Luna Cheney

To end, she gave a quick message to her Spanish-speaking fans.

Watch the whole segment below: