Chungha Once Revealed Why She Didn’t Believe Tourists Should Eat Korean Food When Visiting, And Here’s The Unexpected Reason Why

How could you resist?

When it comes to Korean culture, there is so much to love! From the country’s history, people, and entertainment, people worldwide travel to Korea to see the beautiful country. One thing that always stands out to visitors is the food that is out of this world!

However, soloist Chungha once revealed that she doesn’t think visitors or tourists should eat Korean food, but not for the reasons you might expect.

Chungha | @chungha_official/ Instagram

In 2020, Chungha released a behind-the-scenes video while she was promoting one of her tracks. During the video, Chungha was eating some delicious-looking tteok-bokki adding, “It’s so yummy.”

Her staff then asked if she could recommend any dishes to international byulharangs (Chungha fans). Yet, many fans were surprised to see that Chungha replied, “Oh, I can’t.”

Yet, they didn’t have to worry because Chungha had a reason why, and nobody can blame her because it is for the wellbeing of her fans. She explained that if they came to Korea and ate the food, it would change their lives.

If they came to Korea to try out the food and fall in love with Korea, they could just settle here. It’s dangerous.

— Chungha

Although it might seem like an extreme statement, it is hard to disagree that Korean food is so amazing. While eating some more of her food, she added, “Korean food is so good,” and nobody can deny how good it looked even on a screen.

It seems as if although Chungha might have fan’s best interests at heart, there is no denying that many would happily fall in love with Korea and want to move and live there. It also seems as if more and more people worldwide are falling in love with Korea with the help of K-Pop!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Chungha