LOONA’s Chuu Fangirls Over Her “Running Girls” Cast Mates And It’s Too Cute For Them Too Handle

Their friendship is so cute!

Mnet’s new show Running Girls has received much attention and popularity as viewers witness the female cast members growing beautiful friendships. The features Sunmi, OH MY GIRLS‘s YooA, LOONA‘s Chuu, EXID‘s Hani, and soloist Chungha.

The girls have shared many emotional moments together. More recently, Chuu tearfully revealed to her castmates that she felt she was not good at anything. Of course, the girls were there to give her confidence and comfort her.

In the more recent episode, Sunmi shared that she felt betrayed after seeing Chuu dance so beautifully and confidently. Chungha and the rest of the girls agreed that Chuu is clearly talented despite what she confessed previously.

Chuu adorably reacted and replied that she learned by watching the rest of her idol castmates. She then proceeded to imitate them:

I just studied by watching your preformances! I mean that’s I can really do! That’s all I can do after seeing you guys.

— Chuu

First off, she imitated YooA after she said, “one day I watched all of your performances, and I was like ‘wow this unnie is insane!‘” She added that “she was performing like she’s been a forest goddess for 20 years! I mean how can I perform like that?”

Chuu continued to imitate her idol cast and showed her impression of Sunmi’s “Heroine.” She also inputted that Sunmi’s eyes and expression are sexy.

Sunmi impressed and touched by Chuu’s cute impersonation laughed in approval.

Of course, Chuu continued and performed Chungha’s dance. She executed Chungha’s iconic twirl and shouted, “Even when you’re spinning you’re still facing the front?!

Last but not least, Chuu imitated Hani’s dancing and even Sunmi joined in.

The viewers are in love with the great friendship the girls have developed with one another