Chuu Unexpectedly Meets A Fan On Her Day Off And Her Response Shows Her True Personality

She proved she was a professional idol!

The first 지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It YouTube video of 2023 featured Chuu giving her fans a behind-the-scenes look into what went on in a day in her personal life. The idol took her camera and staff with her as she applied for a driver’s license and relaxed at a cafe filled with manga comics.

Chuu | 지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It/YouTube

When Chuu arrived at the driving school, a female attendant calmly briefed her on the steps she would need to take to receive her license.

Afterward, the attendant asked Chuu to pose for an ID picture. She couldn’t help but be stunned by Chuu’s visuals as she took off her mask, saying, “You’re so beautiful!

Ever the professional, Chuu responded by graciously accepting her compliment and answering, “You’re much cuter with bright skin!” The attendant, who was her fan, became shy from the idol’s sweet words. She received some instant fan service!

Once their transaction was over, the attendant timidly asked for Chuu’s autograph. Chuu gladly gave her signature, making her fan giggle with joy at the same time. Chuu’s undying love for her fans shines, even on her day off! It seems that she is aware that even the smallest gestures from her could become memorable moments for her supporters.

Watch the full vlog below. Chuu arrives at the driving school at the 0:45 mark.

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