Ciipher’s Keita Admits He Almost Sold His Songs to ZEROBASEONE Before His Mindset Changed

He opens up about his feelings surrounding his “Boys Planet” elimination.

The popular idol survival show Boys Planet officially concluded in April, and the final rankings determined the nine-member debut lineup of fifth-generation group ZEROBASEONE.

ZEROBASEONE | @kpop_sbs/Twitter

Following the debut of ZEROBASEONE, it was announced that seven fellow Boys Planet contestants who didn’t make the debut line-up would be forming a project group of their own under Jellyfish Entertainment.

Mun JunghyunPark Jihoo, Park HanbinYoo SeungeonLee JeonghyeonJi Yunseo, and Ciipher‘s Keita are officially preparing for their debut as EVNNE on September 18. Ahead of their debut, members Park Hanbin, Yoo Seungeon, Lee Jeonghyeon, and Keita joined Jonathan Thona for an episode of his popular variety program, The K-Star Next Door.

(From left:) EVNNE’s Keita, Yoo Seungeon, Park Hanbin, and Lee Jeonghyeon | @EVNNE_official/Twitter

During their episode, the members opened up about their experience on Boys Planet, their preparations for their upcoming debut and showcased their many talents.

As with each The K-Star Next Door episode, Jonathan Thona encouraged the members to be open and unfiltered in their responses, and Keita opened up about how he felt when he didn’t make the final line-up for ZEROBASEONE.

Keita shared that his elimination came as a surprise because he had ranked in the top 9 in the first three survival announcement results.

Due to this, he wondered if the experience was really over as he waited for a call telling him otherwise.

Because he hadn’t made the final line-up, he revealed that he was preparing to sell the songs he composed to ZEROBASEONE to earn money.

Before he sold them, he learned he would be debuting in EVNNE, and no longer wanted to give the songs away.

Keita hilariously added that if they want the songs now, they’ll have to call him.

Luckily, Ciipher’s Keita will be able to continue showcasing his talents when he debuts with EVNNE. The project group will release its first mini-album, Target: Me, on September 19.

Check out the full The K-Star Next Door episode below!