City of Busan Permits a 200-Meter Long Tribute for BTS’s Jimin to Be Displayed at Busan Asiad Stadium

This is the first time the city of Busan allowed any kind of commercial advertisement to go up at Busan Asiad Stadium.

As a celebration of BTS Jimin‘s 6-year anniversary, Jimin’s fan clubs, “JAMJAM”, “TEAM MOCHI”, and “ALL FOR JIMIN” has put up a 200-meter long tribute with the special permission from the city of Busan.


In commemoration of Jimin’s first fan meeting held in his hometown of Busan, the display will stay up in the underground tunnel of the Busan Asiad Main Stadium from June 8 to July 7.

The enormous 200-meter display shows a timeline of notable moments from when Jimin debuted at 19 years old until now.

What’s particularly notable is the fact that the city of Busan has rejected any kind of commercial advertisement from being displayed at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium, meaning they took Jimin’s outstanding achievements into consideration and gave special permission for this tribute to take place.

Within the duration of this promotion, various baseball, and soccer matches are scheduled to take place week-by-week, so this effort is predicted to be very effective in spreading the word about Jimin’s great achievements.

Source: Dispatch