The CIX Members Choose Between 5 Of Hyunsuk and BX Or 5 Year Old Hyunsuk and BX

“Wow, what if it’s 5 people?”

The talented members of CIX were recently featured on FANVATAR‘s YouTube channel and answered several fun questions. One questioned asked each member the interesting question of whether they preferred 5 Of Hyunsuk and BX Or 5-Year-Old Hyunsuk and BX.

| @CIX_Official/Twitter

When the question was asked to choose between “5 Hyunsuk vs 5-year-old Hyunsuk” to Hyunsuk himself, Hyunsuk laughed replied, “5-year-old Hyunsuk.” His fellow members Bae Jinyoung and Yonghee also claimed they would rather have a 5-year-old Hyunsuk as well.

Bae Jinyoung shared, “Wow, what if it’s 5 people?” Yonghee hilariously added, “I can’t afford the food.” According to Bae Jinyoung, 5 of Hyunsuk would be too much talking: “It’s just a club. That’s how talkative he is.

Hyunsuk tried to defend himself and stated, “There’s no time to be bored” with 5 Hyunsuk and while he agreed, Bae Jinyoung commented, “But my ears are going to hurt a lot.

CIX’s leader BX and Seunghun were asked the same question, but instead of Hyunsuk, the questioned used BX: “5 BX vs. 5-year-old BX.” Without any hesitation, Seunghun answered, “Oh, 5-year-old BX.” Unlike the rest of his members, BX actually chose to have 5 of him. His reasoning is quite genius!

BX explained, “If I had 5 of me, wouldn’t I be able to do a little more?” BX continued and shared that he would play rock paper scissors with himself to see which one goes to what schedule. Seunghun cutely added that he would borrow one of the BX’s.

As for why he chose to have a 5-year-old BX, Seunghun simply explained, “He’s younger than me. As a younger brother now.

Check out the video below: