Cjamm Posts Intimate Photos Of His Girlfriend, Receives Mixed Reactions

“These look like hidden camera shots”.

On February 27, Cjamm posted intimate photos of his girlfriend on his Instagram account.

The series of photos showed what appeared to be his girlfriend freshly out of a shower.

She wore a black tank top and shorts, and in one photo, her bra strap can be seen.

The candid photos received mixed reactions from netizens. Several Koreans criticized the rapper for posting revealing photos of his girlfriend.

If he’s so in love with his girlfriend, then he should know to protect her privacy too…
Is it necessary that the entire nation sees his girlfriend in her underwear?
These look like hidden camera shots.

– K-Netizens

On the other hand, many international netizens found the photos—and the couple—adorable.

What do you think of the photos?