CL Opens Up About The Struggles She’s Facing About Her US Debut

CL recently opened up about her continued struggle with breaking into the U.S. mainstream market.

Jeremy Scott, a long time friend and a mentor for CL, sat her down in his living room and had a heart-to-heart with CL.

When Jeremy Scott asked about her upcoming solo album projects, CL opened up that everything hasn’t been going to plan.

“When I first came [to the States], I was starting from -10,000.

I was gonna do this for my people and for myself… I had no pressure then.”

— CL

CL has not released any solo tracks, since her debut in the US market with “Hello B*tches” and “Lifted” almost two years ago.

She said nothing was as easy as it seemed when it came to making her music in the American industry.

“When I came here and started working, it was like ‘Oh you can’t do this because you were this.’

All those things were confusing and I lost so much confidence for two, three years.

Back in Korea, they’re like ‘What are you doing? You’re wasting your time.’”

— CL

CL later shared that she needed to take some time off for herself, to figure what she wants to do.

“I was frustrated too. I want to share my music, but the past 2~3 years was a time for me to grow again.

Much like how a flower can only bloom if you give it water.”

— CL

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She also recognized that it was a selfish thing to do from the fans’ perspective, but she needed to do it.

Jeremy Scott, being a great mentor as he is, advised CL to block out what other people are suggesting and to listen to her own voice.

The soulful conversation truly showed that the pair understood each other like no other.

“I met CL for the first time right after ‘Fire’ came out, we hugged and it was an instant connection. She was my muse from the day one! “

— Jeremy Scott

Fans got a better look into CL’s future plans, and continue to wish her the very best of luck in all of her endeavors!

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Watch the entire heart to heart conversation between Jeremy and CL here:

Source: Sports Chosun