CL Reveals She Was Forced To Diet Because Dara Weighed Only 39kg

“We all had to lose weight during 2NE1 days because of Dara unnie.”

During the reunion between the former 2NE1 members, CL revealed that Sandara Park used to be severely underweight.

CL invited Sandara Park and other friends to her house for a Christmas party on the tvN’s Livin’ the Double Life. The two idols embraced their reunion and reminisced about the 2NE1 era.


Dara and CL even exchanged their fancy fur coats, but when CL tried on Dara’s brown fur coat, she realized it was a bit too tight for her.


CL then talked about how she had no choice but to go on a strict diet during their 2NE1 days because Dara had been severely underweight.

“We all had to lose weight during 2NE1 days because of Dara unnie. How are we supposed to stand next to 39kg (86lbs)? I can’t help but look big standing next to her.”

— CL


Korean netizens also could not believe how severely underweight Dara used to be.

“I’m 45 kg and get called a skeleton all the time, how is 39 kg even human?”

— Netizen from Pann


This prompted the main presenters, Def Con and Jung Hyung Don, to share that 39 kg is not even half of their weight!


Watch the full clip of their sweet reunion below:

Source: Huffington Post and Naver