CL’s Friend Reveals How Close She Is To Finishing Her US Debut Album

CL‘s friend and stylist, who goes under the moniker of Mazurbate, revealed new information about CL’s US album through his Instagram.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for CL’s US debut to finally be released and it looks like more information is finally being revealed. She has yet to announce a set date for her album since the release of her track, “Lifted”, and her US tour.

CL last updated her Instagram on January 15, stating that she was still working on her album:

Working on my album like

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It seems that CL is working diligently to wrap up the final touches on her album and get the much-anticipated debut out to her fans quickly!

Due to this long wait, some are calling CL’s decision to work on 2NE1’s album a mistake as it may have caused her US debut to be delayed.

CL first started discussing her debut in the U.S. two years ago, but fans are getting anxious as she has yet to release a full album. She knows that the waiting has become tedious for some fans and even commented on a fan’s Instagram post recently.

Waiting for CL’s new album Like: #nikoolikes Cl commented ?

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Thank you queen ,Mom, CL ???? Your smile is everything? #nikoolikes

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While the release date is still unconfirmed, some hope that she will put out the album early this year, maybe even on her birthday.

CL tried her best to keep 2NE1 together, but now with their official disbandment, she will have to start focusing on her personal promotions.

She has alerted her stylist, through memes, that she is extremely close to finishing her solo album. He posted this on his Instagram story earlier this week.

CL has so far come out with two singles, “Hello Bitches” and “Lifted” to tide fans over while she works on finishing the full-length album.