Clara Takes Sexy To The Next Level With Her Low-Cut, Skin-Tight One Piece Dress

Simply stunning.

Clara was invited to attend the 24th Chunsa Film Arts Awards along with other popular celebrities such as Lee Sung KyungJu Ji Hoon, Gong Myung, and Shinhwa‘s Kim Dongwan. But it was Clara who stole the show with her form fitting one-piece dress that revealed her voluminous body figure.

Decked out in stunning diamond jewelry, her fantastic figure was on full display during the red carpet and photo opportunity.

She took sexy to the next level when she greeted the reporters and fans who came to see her at the red carpet, bowing to them.

She kept her bright smile on the entire time she was in front of her fans and the camera, captivating everyone in the audience.

Her skin-tight dress accentuated her figure and is sure to leave women around the world envious!

One thing’s for sure though. Clara may just have the sexiest body in

Check out more photos of Clara in her sexy dress below.