This Classic Korean Movie Scene Is Legendary For Making Women Yell In Their Seats

“The legendary scene that had women yelling in theatres…”

Korean cinema has had its share of legendary moments from the industries leading actors.

Gang Dong Won, for example, made it impossible for Korean men to share an umbrella with their partners due to fear of being compared to him.

Then there is the legendary Son Ye Jin soju scene, which has been reenacted by Korean women at least a million times.

Or the Classic scene with Jo In Sung and Son Ye Jin, which has been reenacted by Korean couples at least a billion times.

Of these moments, one scene is legendary for the audience’s reaction to it in theatres.

In the movie The Beauty Inside, actress Han Hyo Joo plays the character of Yi Soo, who falls in love with furniture designer Woo Jin.

Woo Jin, however, has a curse/gift where he wakes up every day looking like somebody else. Some days he even wakes up as a grandmother.

In the movie, Yi Soo and her co-workers invite Woo Jin to an office party, and because no one, including Yi Soo, knows what Woo Jin looks like, the scene is a thrilling one.

In the scene, Woo Jin, played by Lee Jin Wook, finds Yi Soo at the party.

The scene is one of Korean cinema’s most famous for the reaction it received from the audience. It is said the women in the theatres gasped out loud at the sight of Lee Jin Wook for his extraordinarily good looks.

I watched it in theatres, and when Lee Jin Wook came out, everyone screamed LOL

— Netizen

  • “I didn’t even like Lee Jin Wook, but when I saw him, I screamed too.”
  • “I’m a guy, and I even made a sound…”

  • “If The Great Gatsby is ever remade in Korea, I hope Lee Jin Wook plays Gatsby… Please…”
  • “The legendary scene that had women yelling in theatres…”
  • “When Lee Jin Wook came on, women couldn’t help but yell…”

Have you watched Beauty Inside? The movie is considered a classic, and is beloved by fans of Korean cinema.

Poster for Beauty Inside | Han Cinema

The movie was even remade into a drama in 2018. The drama features Seo Hyun Jin, who in the drama suffers from a gift/curse that transforms her looks once every month.

Seo Hyun Jin in the poster for drama The Beauty Inside | Jtbc

Check out the trailer for the movie in the link below!

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