CLC Elkie and TWICE Tzuyu Are Friendship Goals In These Photos

Their friendship is like a sisterhood.

In a post made to her official Instagram account on September 16 (KST), CLC‘s Elkie shared photos of her spending time with TWICE‘s Tzuyu! The post, which wished fans a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, warmed hearts everywhere as it showcased the strength of the girls’ friendship.

Although you can’t see their faces, it’s quite obvious how comfortable Elkie and Tzuyu are with one another, with fans likening their friendship to a sisterhood.

The pictures don’t seem to have been taken on the same day, which gave fans the impression the girls are on vacation enjoying the mid-Autumn holiday together.  The thought gives strength to the belief that the girls seem to genuinely enjoy being with each other.

Whether the girls are vacationing together, or not, it’s nice to see them looking happy and relaxed.

Here’s hoping that they had as much fun as it looked like they did!

View Elkie’s post and all of the pictures she shared below: