Former CLC Members Sorn and Seungyeon Spill On Whether They Would Become A K-Pop Idol Again

“That’s what I’m currently going through…”

Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi sat down with former CLC members Seungyeon and Sorn to answer fan questions and talk about their lives as K-Pop idols.

(From left to right): Former CLC member Seungyeon, Ladies’ Code’s Ashley, and Former CLC member Sorn | ashleybchoi/YouTube

CLC was a seven-member girl group under CUBE Entertainment. The group was active from 2015 to 2020 before going on a hiatus and formally disbanding earlier this year. Seungyeon and Sorn had met Ashley when she was a trainee at CUBE Entertainment.

Sorn moved to Korea from Thailand and admitted she knew very little Korean when she began her life as a trainee. Sorn recalled there were few English speakers among the trainees at the time, so she naturally gravitated toward Ashley.

| @sssorn_chonnasorn/Instagram

Sorn was also close with Seungyeon, who hilariously reminded her that she courageously went out of her way the most to try and communicate with Sorn in English.

Reminiscing on their trainee days segued into one of the first fan questions: “Do you have plans on going into a new company, or do you plan on not doing idol stuff anymore?

Seungyeon thoughtfully stated, “I can’t really restart as an idol… I’ll think of myself as an idol forever.” She has already debuted in a group and shared she will take those experiences and memories with her as she continues forward in life.

Seungyeon with Sorn (center) and former CLC member Yeeun | @yyyyeeun/Instagram

As for her future plans, she revealed she’s been taking time to relax and regroup since her departure from CUBE Entertainment. She plans to become active as a singer again, but wants to find a company whose values align with hers.

Since Ladies’ Code announced their hiatus after their contract expired with Polaris Entertainment in 2020, Ashley Choi has kept busy by hosting two seasons of DIVE StudiosGet Real alongside pH-1 and BTOB‘s Peniel. She also regularly uploads videos onto her official YouTube channel.

BTOB’s Peniel (left), Ashley (center), and pH-1 (right) | DIVE Studios

Sorn signed with a new company and has released three English language singles since parting with CUBE Entertainment.

It’s been a really good opportunity and experience… I have more control with my music, with the concept, with music videos, with everything I do. At the end of the day, I’m still an idol. I might not be doing K-Pop music, but as a base [I’m] still an idol.

⁠— Sorn

Poster for Sorn’s latest single, “Save Me” | @sssorn_chonnasorn/Instagram

Ashley revealed that she’s also been having thoughts of releasing music, but has no intentions of signing with a company.

To learn more about their thoughts on idol life, check out the full clip below!