The CLC Title Track That Former Members Sorn And Seungyeon Disliked Most

They both agreed it was a tough song to handle.

Former CLC members Seungyeon and Sorn sat down for a few drinks with Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi and spilled a bit of tea about the song they disliked most from their group’s title tracks.

Seungyeon, Ashley Choi, and Sorn. | ashleybchoi/YouTube

One of the spicy questions they had to answer was which of their title tracks was their “least favorite song.” Seungyeon already knew which song it was.

Earning an animated reaction from Sorn, who didn’t want to remember, Seungyeon named their 2016 song “High Heels”.

Because Seungyeon and Ashley Choi liked “sexy and powerful concepts” when they were trainees together at Cube Entertainment, the cute concept for “High Heels” was extremely difficult for the former to pull off. She wasn’t the only one who wasn’t a fan of the song.

That song was really tough because it was way too cute, way too bright, too girly. I did not like that lovely concept.

— Seungyeon

Sorn also chose “High Heels” as the CLC song that was her least favorite. Her reason for disliking the song was similar.

Practicing and listening to the same upbeat and cutesy song for hours every day was hard for Sorn to handle, especially when they had to perfect all the details.

Dancing over and over to a fierce song is okay, but doing a cute choreography over and over again? For endless hours every single day, perfecting all the cute details? That was hard.

— Sorn

It was even more of a struggle for the group because of what they had to wear on their feet. Sorn added, “The heels we wore were uncomfortable too.

After listing all the difficulties they faced because of the song, they jokingly said how much they loved it but couldn’t hide their reactions.

Watch Sorn and Seungyeon reflect on how challenging the song had been for them, along with the final product of their hard work.