CLC’s Sorn Makes A Profound Observation All Parents Can Relate To And It’ll Make Your Heart Throb

Sometimes, time doesn’t even feel real.

CLC‘s Sorn shared a vlog of the group traveling to Hangzhou on her channel PRODUSORN. She began the video by explaining that the vlog was originally filmed in January and asked that everyone continue to be safe and observe social distancing.

Source: PRODUSORN/YouTube

Sorn was sitting next to Seung Hee when they began watching a sweet video together.

Source: PRODUSORN/YouTube

Sorn observed how quickly children grow…

Source: PRODUSORN/YouTube

… And pondered over whether this was how her parents saw her.

Is this how my parents feels when they see me?

— Sorn

Source: PRODUSORN/YouTube

All parents can relate to that feeling of watching their child grow up and being overwhelmed by the passage of time. If you can relate, Sorn’s observation probably made your heart throb!

Watch the whole video below: