CLC’s Sorn Puts Out A Call-To-Action, Seeks Advice From Fans

Will you help her?

CLC‘s Sorn, who runs a YouTube channel called PRODUSORN, has put out a call-to-action, actively seeking advice from fans!


What could the beautiful, funny, and talented Sorn need help with? Hint: It’s something only fans can help with…

She needs help coming up with an official fandom name for her subscribers! 😊

I’ve been seeing a lot of comments and a lot of requests saying, ‘Sorn, PRODUSORN, we need an official name for the subscriberrrrss!’


She’s asking fans to comment on her YouTube video (embedded below) with suggestions, and any names she sees potential in will be added to a poll on her community tab, where subscribers will be able to vote.

Just have fun. Make up a weird name. It can be as weird as you want. It can be as normal as you want. It can be anything you want. You know me, I like to be creative.


Her fans-turned-subscribers did not disappoint. They’re so funny and incredibly talented!

All of the names in the top comment were so fun, funny, and very, very punny.

Sorn hasn’t put the poll up yet, so there’s still time for you to contribute your ideas!

She wants you to be as creative as possible, so get to typing!