This Clever Fansite Found The Perfect Way To Get NCT Doyoung’s Attention

Other fansites definitely might want to take notes.

For a fansite, getting your idol’s attention is a big must, but sometimes screaming their name isn’t enough. Some fansites have to get really creative to ensure they’ll catch and hold their idol’s gaze. This is where knowing your idol comes in handy.

It’s no secret to NCTzens that NCT‘s Doyoung has a soft spot for the Pokémon Snorlax, he even showed off his Snorlax keychain on V LIVE. He rocked the same keychain on his bag while headed to the airport.

Armed with this information, a clever fansite knew exactly what they would do: tape a Snorlax doll to their camera.

It might’ve been a long shot, but it worked and worked well.

Of course, Doyoung wasn’t the first idol to be tempted by fluffy cuteness, but after this story went viral he definitely won’t be the last.

Source: @nctless