This Clip Of BLACKPINK’s Rosé Naming Cities In Her Australian Accent Is Dazzling BLINKs

She can even make cities sound sexy.

BLACKPINK has been touring the world as part of their In Your Area tour, and it’s customary to acknowledge the city they’re in when performing.

So, they’ve been adding the names of the cities before the line, “This beat got me feeling like,” in “Whistle”.

But, there’s something about the way that Rosé has been pronouncing the names of the cities that resulted in a compilation of them.

BLINKs can’t get enough of how she manages to make something as simple as the names of cities sound sexy, especially her pronunciation of Barcelona.

Rosé’s Australian accent is definitely on display during their tour, and fans can’t seem to get enough of it. What’s your favorite city from the clip, maybe Barcelona?