If This Clip Of NU’EST’s JR And Minhyun Being Little Kids Doesn’t Make You Stan Them, Nothing Will

But they’re so cute, how could you not?

In a recent episode of NU’EST‘s YouTube series “L.O.V.E Story”, members JR and Minhyun were spotted playing “guess the word” on each others palms. The two looked like little boys at school, having so much fun over a silly game, and fans don’t know how to react!


JR first grabbed Minhyun’s hand and started writing something on the palm. As he spelled out a Korean character, JR asked Minhyun to guess.

Can you tell what I’m writing?

— JR


Minhyun had to cheat a little, by looking at JR’s finger as he wrote, but soon guessed the first letter correctly. Minhyun eagerly shouted, “Hwang!” as he figured out what was being written.


The two letters that followed spelled “Ba-Bo (바보, stupid)”. Minhyun ended up saying “Hwang Ba Bo” and calling himself stupid. JR giggled like a kid when Minhyun made fun of himself. And fans are dying over how adorable this little moment is!


Minhyun then took turn and started writing on JR’s palm. JR pointed out that the correct way to play this game is for the guesser to not look. Minhyun spelled out “M-Ca”, which is short for M Countdown – where the NU’EST members were on stand by – and JR guessed it correctly. Look how proud JR looked when he got the answer right!


Minhyun also tried spelling out “L.O.V.E” on JR’s palm, showing his undying love for the group’s fans. JR guessed it wrong the first time…

Try writing it bigger so I can guess.

— JR


When Minhyun wrote out the letters in large motions, JR finally guessed it right. And just by mentioning the name of their fandom, the two were immediately filled with love for L.O.V.Es as well!


JR went on to compliment himself on how he has extra sensitive palms to guess all the letters correctly. Minhyun looked on like he was feeling kind of jealous! And fans can’t help but UWU at how dorky these two are, playing around like little boys at school recess time.


Watch the full clip below: