Clip of Seo Kang Jun erotically eating a watermelon goes viral

You might wish you were a watermelon after seeing these erotic gifs of Seo Kang Jun eating!

Clips of actor Seo Kang Jun erotically eating a watermelon have been creating quite a buzz lately. While filming for SBS‘s reality show, Law of the Jungle, he was shown eating the watermelon in an up-close and personal way.

Many fans commented saying that Seo Kang Jun looked like he was romantically kissing the watermelon while he was eating it, while others said they wished they were in the watermelon’s place!

He ate the watermelon really quickly! He was probably just hungry from being out in the jungle for so long!

After he finished eating the watermelon, Seo Kang Jun does something surprising. He placed the empty rind on his head and wore it as a hat!

Source: Dispatch