A Closer Look At TWICE’s Mysterious Anime Shows What “Candy Pop” Is Really About

The MV is a lot more complex than you probably thought.

Besides being another catchy song, TWICE‘s latest music video “Candy Pop’s” anime music video actually has a very interesting storyline.

It starts out with a young girl waiting alone on White Day—a day where guys give chocolate gifts to the girl who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

As she is waiting, she decides to watch television and “Candy Pop” appears on the screen.

The anime version of TWICE was recording a performance for broadcast when the power goes out on set, sending everyone into a state of panic.

Unexpectedly, the anime TWICE members suddenly try to make their escape from the broadcast station. The  police show up, possibly because they are not allowed to be leaving the broadcast station.

Suddenly, thanks to Park Jin Young, the anime TWICE transforms into the real TWICE.

As TWICE runs from the police, a van suddenly appears and is driven by none other than Park Jin Young (who really resembles Brock from Pokémon)

After making their escape from the police, Park Jin Young works tirelessly to restore the connection between the young girl’s television and TWICE. He sends TWICE’s van to the young girl’s home, creating a big mess in her room.

Because of Park Jin Young’s efforts, the young girl is able to have a whole day of fun with the TWICE members.

Fans are praising TWICE for assimilating into Japan’s culture of animation and are loving this concept and style.

Watch the “Candy Pop” music video below.