Video Of CNBLUE Jonghyun Staring At BLACKPINK Surfaces, Following Sex Scandal

“She’s pretty.”

In light of Lee Jonghyun‘s recent scandal involving Seungri’s chatroom, his reaction video of BLACKPINK‘s performance from January 13 of 2017 resurfaced in online communities.

In the footage, Jonghyun is sitting next to Zico during BLACKPINK’s performance, and they are seen whispering to each other and laughing throughout the video.

In some parts, Lee Jonghyun appears to be saying things like “She’s pretty” while smiling and laughing.

Besides what he might be saying to Zico, his facial expressions and reactions to BLACKPINK’s performance are receiving particular attention in light of recent events.

According to SBS, Lee Jonghyun participated in the sharing of illegal footages and made belittling remarks about women in the chatroom. Following this report, Lee Jonghyun’s agency expressed his shame and regret in a public apology.

Watch Lee Jonghyun’s resurfaced reaction video of BLACKPINK below:

Source: Wiki Korea

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