This Upcoming Co-Ed J-Pop Group Might Be Japan’s Version of KARD

Get ready to add this group to your co-ed playlist.

Fans of the co-ed K-Pop group KARD might want to keep an eye on COJIRASE The Trip, an upcoming co-ed group that will be debuting in Japan before the end of this year.


COJIRASE The Trip started out as a 7-member dance cover group, but over the past few years they evolved into something more. The group began to move toward creating their own original content and released this sugary-sweet song in 2015.

“TRIPPer” is a whimsical track with light-hearted pop vocals and rap. Its music video looks like it belongs in an Alice in Wonderland themed children’s show, and it perfectly matches the song’s magical vibe.


Fast forward three years to 2018, the year COJIRASE the Tripp’s lineup changed. Three of the original 7 members (Marisu, Ruu, and Saya) left the group in early 2018, leaving two female members and two male members.


The remaining 4 members are expected to make their official debut in December with the release of their first album, Reboot, but they have already released two songs from it. The first, “Try Again”, was released on August 25.

This song and music video still have COJIRASE the Tripp’s original upbeat sound, but the members have ditched their whimsical costumes for casual wear, and have added a brand new intensity to their raps and dance breaks.


Their second new release, “Ebibadi wake up!!” just dropped on September 28. This catchy dance track will make you want to get up and bust a move, so it’s fitting that the music video takes place in a colourful club.

“Ebibadi wake up!!” and “Try Again” both have different vibes, so it will be interesting to see (or hear?) what the rest of Reboot has in store for listeners.


Reboot is scheduled to drop on December 12, so mark your calendars and start counting down the days!