Former Coed School Members Sungmin And Taewoon Open Up About The Sad Reality Behind One Of Their Viral Performances

It’s not what it seems.

Former SPEED members Sungmin, Taeha (IONE), and Taewoon have opened up about their experiences in the K-Pop industry.

Sungmin (Left) and Taewoon (Right) | Singosik ~ The return of idols!/YouTube

They debuted in the group Coed School in 2010, a group with both male and female members. They later branched off into their respective sub-units, SPEED and 5Dolls. While they were still together, one of Coed School’s most-viewed live performances was “Bbiribbom Bbaeribom” on Show! Music Core.

They stood out by dancing in the middle of Gwanghwamun Plaza, Seoul. Bystanders freely viewed them from only a few meters away, adding a flair of spontaneity to the performance.

Despite what the bubbly music and dance may suggest, the members themselves were not happy. Sungmin and Taewoon revealed the sadder aspects behind the viral video in an interview with Singosik ~ The return of idols!

According to Taewoon, the day was wiped clean from his memory despite it being a widescale public performance: “I seriously don’t remember anything.” Sungmin agreed, saying, “I don’t remember doing that either.”

The reason why they blanked out was because of how heavy their fatigue was at the time.

Just like what Sungmin said, we were not in our right minds at the time because we were always so tired.

— Taewoon

The host asked, “How did you guys end up performing in the middle of Gwanghwamun?” IONE suggested, “Because the company told us to?”

Coed School was under MBK Entertainment which housed famous artists like T-ARA and Davichi. Since the members were still young and fresh off their debuts, they had less inputs in their schedules.

We were only doing the things they told us to do at the time.

— Sungmin

Taewoon reiterated, “I was so tired at the time.”

It was during this period when the members broke down behind the scenes. They were overworked, lacking sleep, and separated from their families. Sungmin wasn’t too surprised when Taewoon cried in front of him because of how much he missed his mother.

Sungmin: From what I remember, Taewoon was busy crying. That’s when you were…very pathetic, right?

Taewoon: I’ve always been pathetic. I cried in front of you? I must have been crazy.

Sungmin: I still remember what you said while crying. I asked you why you were crying and you said you missed your mom.

Coed School proved that what fans see on television may not reflect what goes on behind the scenes. To find out more facts about the K-Pop industry, watch the full interview below.

Source: YouTube