Comedian Kim Ki Soo Sent A Powerful Message To All His Haters

Comedian Kim Ki Soo recently shared an Instagram post that contained a very powerful and honest message to those who had done him wrong.

Kim Ki Soo was once a very popular comedian and was widely known as “Dancer Kim” for his hilarious role in a weekly skit on the popular comedy show Gag Concert. In 2010, he was accused of sexually molesting a male composer with whom he was close but after months of trials, he was proven innocent. The accusations, however, tarnished his reputation and rumors of his being gay and/or identifying as another gender began spreading.

While Kim Ki Soo often wears makeup and feminine clothing, he has never admitted to being gay or undergoing any type of gender transition. The fact that he wears make-up is also a non-starter as men in Korea are increasingly wearing makeup such as eyeliner or foundation.

Kim Ki Soo recently uploaded this lengthy post on Instagram, seemingly geared towards a group of people who may have done him wrong (perhaps toward those he felt were responsible for the rumors), attempting to address the rumors and show the world his will to succeed in spite of them.

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“I did a live stream because of all the misunderstandings over the years, and found out about everything due to its aftermath. Love, self-worth, trust, self-confidence, everything is broken. I may forgive them but I don’t think I can forget. I feel like crying sometimes… I’m going to get really busy and succeed in front of everyone… All the times they played me! All the deceit! All the ridicule! I want to expose everything with all the data I have but I won’t in the name of love! Don’t try and find out and don’t even be curious about it. I’m fine… The misunderstanding I had was that you all truly cared for and loved me. Just keep everything you said to yourselves.. Since it’s really pissing me off… If I save all this data then I could sue you, but I won’t because I’m thankful for the past.. You can erase me from your memories and I’ll live without you in my memories too. You’re too much… ㅠㅠ Written by the mantis~~ I won’t forget. Now back to my daily life gogo~~~~”

— Kim Ki Soo

Fans were quick to show their support for him on the post and encouraged him to continue being who he wants to be.

Currently, he is working as a “beauty creator” and frequently uploads makeup tutorials on his YouTube channel.