Korean Girls Want To Have This Korean Comedian’s Body

Many were taken by surprise after noticing how hot and sexy this gag woman’s body actually is.

Comedian Maeng Seung Ji amazed everyone with her curvy and slender figure seen in recent pictures that she has been posting on Instagram. Along with a selfie, the comedienne revealed recently that she weighs 55kg which is considered more on the heavier side for women in Korean standards.

In the hashtags of her post, Maeng Seung Ji said that the reason why she gained weight was because of Comedian Park Na Rae who took her out to eat some Korean barbecue.

“It’s May 5. (5/5) It’s Children’s Day! Maybe that’s why my weight is 55kg as well. Ugh.”

– Maeng Seung Ji


Many have been reacting to the post by telling how she should disregard her true weight as her body looked incredible anyway. Maeng Seung Ji was praised for her sexy S-line and a body with a perfect ratio.

Take a look at how body goals she is from her Instagram photos!