Popular Comedian Exposes His Struggle As A Short Person Shopping For Clothes

This shirt did not turn out the way he thought it would!

Popular comedian Yoo Byung Jae recently shared a screenshot of his text messages on Instagram stories about his total failure at buying new clothes.

| dbqudwo333/Instagram

Yoo: Soyoon, should I buy this shirt in a size medium?

Soyoon: Oppa this shirt is a bit long…I think you could go with a size small?

Yoo: Ah ok!

Soyoon: Ok! But because it’s a bit long, I think it’s also ok to cut it if it’s too long!

However, after receiving the product, he sent her another message of the shirt he received.

| dbqudwo333/Instagram

Yoo: What should I do
Soyoon: Ah, yea oppa…

Taking a look at the shirt on the official website, netizens were shocked at how pricey it was! ($~ 290.59 USD)

| Martine Rose

Also, looking at the shirt fit online, the shirt was even long for a tall model!

| Martine Rose

Netizens couldn’t help but laugh at this funny yet not-so-funny moment!

Netizen comments | theqoo


  • “Omg why is it so long lolol. It’s way longer than your average shirt. But even so, it’s still so long.”
  • “But the website image shows that it’s really long lol.”
  • “Cut it and make some shorts out of it. It’s an expensive shirt, might as well make a set out of it.”
  • “We can go for the pant-less look.”
  • “Is Soyoon a stylist?”
  • “Let’s rock the pant-less style!”
  • “Lololololol.”
  • “I was like what is this and when I scrolled down it was actually a really long shirt lol.”
  • “Lololol.”
  • “It’s a literal dress.”
  • “You could make a girl’s crop tee and give it to Soyoon lol.”
  • “Ah crazy…”
  • “A dress? Lol.”

He later updated his story with another screenshot, this time of his sister replying to him.

| dbqudwo333/Instagram

Sister: Hey Byungjae, give the shirt to your brother-in-law. He’s 190 cm (6’2″), lol.
Yoo: Why don’t you just go and charge your phone.


Regardless of height, we all have our own struggles when it comes to shopping. Hopefully he will have better luck next time!

Source: theqoo and theqoo
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