The “Comfort” Item Actress Cha Joo Young Carries Around Is Completely Opposite Of Her Character In “The Glory”

Oh, d-d-dear—who would have known?!

Netflix‘s hit drama The Glory blew people away with its intense and revengeful storyline and remarkable acting by the cast.

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One of the actresses who gained attention was Cha Joo Young, who played the role of Choi Hye Jeong, a flight attendant and daughter of a dry cleaner’s family who desperately wants to fit in with her wealthy and evil friends.

Cha Joo Young, Lim Ji Yeon, and Lee Sa Ra (left to right) | @jooyoungthej/Instagram

Choi Hye Jeong’s character is bold and fearless when it comes to getting what she wants. She is willing to marry a man she does not love if it means getting the luxury bags and diamond rings she wants, and she even wears customers’ brand-name clothes from her parents’ dry cleaner and acts as if it was gifted to her. Her status and wealth mean everything to her.

She is also a perpetrator of bullying Moon Dong Eun, the protagonist, so Choi Hye Jeong does not have the best image and is seen as shallow. The actor who played her, however, is quite the opposite. In a recent interview on KBS Cool FM, Cha Joo Young shared something about her that showed what kind of person she is.

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This was her first radio show, so she was extremely nervous. To calm her nerves, Cha Joo Young brought her comfort doll with her. The doll is a pink Piglet doll named “Mochi.”

She said she had Mochi for ten years and even traveled with it.

Lee Kikwang, the host of the show, asked Cha Joo Young how she calms her nerves if she doesn’t have Mochi around. To this, she replied:

I have Mochi with me until I get out of the car then leave it in the car. So our director gave me a mini figure as a gift so I can carry it around in my pocket.

Toward the end of the interview, Cha Joo Young stated that her doll was wet because she was so nervous and even recorded a short video letter thanking Mochi for being there for her.

A video letter for a Mochi who was wet because she was so nervous and a Mochi who endured for an hour hahahahahahaha ah Cha Joo Young is so f*cking cute

— @ahopmal

She was photographed carrying the Piglet doll on her way to and from the radio interview.

Cha Joo Young even thanked her doll for “doing big things today” and posted selfies with it.

Mochi, good job today. You did big things today…

— Cha Joo Young

Who would have known that an actress who played such an evil and selfish character could be so pure and adorable in real life?

We look forward to seeing the other charming layers of this multi-dimensional actress in her future productions!



Source: KBS Cool FM and @aeyoaeyo11

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