This Unique Café In Seoul Is Like Stepping Into A Comic Strip And You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Wait…everything is real?

Seoul is full of some of the most unique cafe in the whole world and each of them will bring a completely different experience. One of those very unique cafes has recently gained a huge amount of attention thanks to its interesting theme.


Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20, located at Yeonnam-dong 239-20, looks like something freshly printed in a comic-book.


Seriously, it looks like something straight out of a comic strip!


The whole of the cafe was actually designed to look like this and it’s honestly very convincing.


While the cafe definitely has that shock factor, it’s actually split into two distinct sections. The first is the outside garden-like section. It’s got a 2D meets 3D vibe that is both relaxing and super cute while keeping things a little bit more in our world.


But it’s the inner section of the cafe that has people’s jaws dropping. Not a single thing was forgotten in the design. The walls, floors, and furniture all give that 2D feel you are not expecting in the real world.


And to top it off even the dishes and silverware have the hand-drawn appearance that is just so unexpected.


So it isn’t so hard to see why the cafe has been blowing up on Instagram lately!


Besides its obvious Instagram worthiness, the cafe has also gained a reputation thanks to what it credits as its inspiration. It’s said that the idea came from the K-Drama W Two Worlds because the main characters find themselves entering a fantasy webtoon world.


This inspiration has also led to the creation of the cafe’s signature drinks W coffee and W salty latte!


While their W coffee and latte will definitely add to the comic-book experience the cafe does offer some other options like a chocolate latte, green tea latte, and vanilla cafe latte.


Plus they offer some yummy looking food options too!


So if you’re heading to Seoul and want to experience a bit of K-Drama meets comic-book fun, then check out this unique cafe!