Compilation Of The 7 Most Amazing BTS Dance Practice Videos

BTS are known for their amazing dance skills, and these dance practice videos prove why.

BTS’s dance practice videos have become a must-see for fans and have also won the group a growing legion of fans. Their dance practices not only showcase their complex choreography but also their unique personalities.
As BTS’s activities and fan base continue to expand, their amazing dance practice videos will remind everyone why they have become so popular. Take a look at some of BTS’s best dance practice videos below.

BTS showcased their amazing choreography for their latest hit track “Blood Sweat & Tears”. Their complex choreography and synchronization have become their signature performance traits as they continue to leave fans in awe of their incredible dance skills and teamwork.

BTS’s choreography for their internationally successful track “Dope” shocked fans with as they showed off incredible speed while still in sync with one another. Everyone now looks to BTS performances as “Dope” proves to be one of the most difficult k-pop dance routines ever.


BTS’s “I Need You” choreography showcases not only the group’s amazing dance skills but their acting skills as the dramatic choreography shows their skills as storytellers.


BTS’s special Chuseok version of “Danger” showcases their down to earth personalities. The dance practice shows the group as they attempt to complete their complex routine while wearing traditional clothing.


BTS latest special dance practice of “21st Century Girl” released for Halloween has become a fan favorite video. The members appear ready to party as they perform their adorable routine in individual Halloween costumes. While some members complete the routine others struggle with their bulky costumes.


BTS had previously released another special Halloween themed dance practice. The members appear immersed in their own characters as they perform a special version of “War of Hormone”.


BTS’s energetic dance practice video for “Silver Spoon” has also become a fan favorite video. Showcasing not only their incredible dance skill but their comedic personalities as the members add their own touches and freestyle. Their energetic dance practice showcases some of the reasons they have such a large fanbase.