The compilation of Seulgi saying random English words you didn’t know you needed

Fans are falling in love with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi yet again, thanks to this viral compilation of her adorable attempts at speaking English!

In a video compilation that resurfaced on February 9 (which, coincidentally is Seulgi’s birthday), she can be seen being her lovable self in her numerous efforts at speaking English. While Red Velvet has a fluent English speaker with Canada-raised Wendy, Seulgi’s English as showcased in the compilation is almost as well spoken!

In it, Seulgi can be seen repeating random words that other people have said and repeating the names of the group’s songs with English titles. In one clip, an amused Wendy comments on Seulgi’s antics, saying, “Welcome to Red Velvet’s English time!”

Check out the whole compilation below!

Recently, Seulgi also said in an interview that she wanted to learn English in order to converse better with her fellow member, Wendy.