Here’s The Complete BTS “Aegyo” Package That Will Bless Your Day

Yup. You’re welcome!

On an episode of Run BTS!, BTS members went on a field trip and had an outdoor BBQ party. The members divided up into teams, J-Hope with JiminJin with Jungkook and RM – Suga with V, and went on to cook up a feast for themselves.


To win more ingredient to spice up the party, however, members decided to flash their best “aegyos” to the staff. In doing so, BTS members not only completely charmed the production team on site, but also conquered the hearts of all ARMYs with their lethal levels of cuteness.


First up was Jimin. As soon as J-Hope mentioned the idea of using aegyo to get more meat for grilling, Jimin stepped up to the challenge and took his best shot at it.


Thanks to Jimin’s shameless aegyo, J-Hope and Jimin won some more BBQ for their table.


Watching this, Jin realized he could easily pull one better and get more food for his team too. Here is Jin’s 3-tier aegyo blockbuster at level 1…


… level 2…


… and level 3.


Of course, Suga and V couldn’t sit back and watch the other teams take action. On Suga’s orders, V busted out some of his raw aegyo talent too – ultimately winning them some more food as well.


While all three teams remained relatively calm throughout the aegyo storm, hell broke loose when RM took his turn and started bombarding the cameras with his aegyo.


Members all began screaming in turmoil – but ARMYs absolutely loved Leader RM’s soft side.


Feeling recharged yet? You can watch the full clip here, with the aegyo party starting at the 16:40 mark:

Source: THEQOO