The Confidence Of TXT’s Huening Kai Will Inspire You

Confidence level: Huening Kai.

Being in a group makes it hard to stand out from the others. But, this doesn’t apply to TXT‘s Huening Kai. He’s so confident in himself that it shows in every single thing he does, and it’s hard to miss.

Whenever he talks, he speaks about himself in the third person. He loves the sound of his own name so much that he says it casually, as if everyone should refer to themselves in third person. Maybe that’s his secret: saying his own name encourages him.

And, he’s fully confident in his skills of being the cutest boy ever. He’s not even bothered by Soobin‘s reaction to his charming display of said skills. Sometimes it’s best to do what you want, even if the reactions of others isn’t what you expect.

The most confident act of all is putting a sticker of an ice cream cone on his head and daring to call it a unicorn horn. Therefore, deeming himself a special unicorn. When you’re as confident as Huening Kai, anything is possible. In fact, your word can be law if you believe it to be.

It’s even obvious in the way he poses that he’s sure of himself. It’s safe to say that Huening Kai’s confidence is through the roof, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just simply means he loves himself, and that’s what everyone should aspire to do.