Confused By Red Velvet’s Teasers? Here’s 3 Fan Theories That May Explain The Story Behind “Chill Kill”

They have done it again 😍

SM Entertainment‘s prized quintet, Red Velvet, has recently sparked intrigue and awe with the teasers for their upcoming release, Chill Kill. The teaser images, mesmerizing yet eerie, have driven fans into a whirlwind of speculations, attempting to decode the narratives behind the visuals. Among a plethora of theories, three have notably caught the attention of the ReVeluvs (Red Velvet fans).

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1. Sun & Moon siblings

Drawing inspiration from a Korean folktale, the “Sun & Moon Siblings” theory has emerged as a dominant narrative among fans. In this theory, the spotlight in one scene is believed to symbolize a hunt led by a tiger, akin to the tale where a tiger hunts the siblings. Fans speculate Joy and Irene embody the siblings, with Yeri portraying their late mother awaiting reincarnation amidst peaceful surroundings.

The quandary remains on who among Wendy and Seulgi personifies the tiger. While some evidence points towards Wendy, a glaring clue leans towards Seulgi — a clear depiction of a tiger in her scene. The ticking clock and subsequent bell sound are thought to signify the tiger’s countdown, representing elements from the folktale.

The theory is further bolstered by the similarity in the settings surrounding Seulgi, Joy, Irene, and Yeri, which reflect the lore settings of the folktale.

2. Rebirth

The “Rebirth” theory, entrenched in Chinese and Korean symbolism, suggests a narrative of renewal. The white tiger of the west, known as Báihū in Chinese or Baekho in Korean, represents the autumn season, hinting at Red Velvet’s stronger comeback in November.

The tiger is included in multiple “Chill Kill” teasers, including this image with Joy. | @RVsmtown/Twitter

The pink lotus, symbolizing rebirth and beauty, is interpreted as an emblem of Red Velvet’s new journey after the group’s infamous “Reve Festival” album series. Fans excitedly tie these symbols to a cultural narrative hinting at a new beginning for the group.

3. Murder Mystery Theory

The “Murder Mystery” theory takes a darker twist. Fans have dissected the teasers to unravel a murderous narrative where some members are suspected of a grim act. The spotlight in the teasers is thought to mimic a detective’s search for clues. The theory notably hints at Joy and Irene being the suspects, with some nuances in the visuals leading to such assumptions.

For instance, Joy’s proximity to a particular couch and the butterflies in the background, coupled with Irene’s suspicious demeanor, are believed to carry significant meaning.

The solitary release of Wendy’s teaser has further fueled speculations, driving a narrative where Wendy could either be a victim or a part of a sinister plot. Seulgi’s ambiguous role adds to the mystery, leaving fans on the edge for the full release.

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