A Contestant Sang One Of EXO’s Songs In Front Of Kris, And His Reaction Was Priceless

His face said it all.

Former EXO member Kris Wu experienced a blast from his K-Pop past, and EXO-Ls loved it.

It all happened on The Next Top Bang, a Chinese survival show similar to Idol Producer and Produce 101 China. The show kicked off its premiere with a total of 108 contestants, both male and female, who trained under celebrity mentors.

Kris and f(x)‘s Victoria were mentors for the women’s team, along with Bibi Zhou Bichang. The men’s team featured William Chan, Hu Haiquan and G.E.M. as mentors.

For her evaluation stage, one female contestant decided to do what many would not dare to do. She sang EXO’s “Overdose” in front of Kris.

“Overdose” is the mega-popular title track for Overdose, the 3rd and last EP Kris recorded with EXO before filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to nullify his contract.

As soon as the contestant began to sing, Kris failed to keep a straight face.

He looked uneasy, to say the least…

…and it probably didn’t help that Victoria was smiling in his direction!

The contestant nailed the cover with her smooth vocals and charismatic stage presence…

…but judging from Kris’s expressions…

…he may have preferred a different song choice!

Netizens are now calling the competitor “brave” for taking such a huge risk by performing an EXO song in front of this former member, and couldn’t help cracking up over Kris’s reaction…

…and Victoria’s too!

You can check out the full clip here.