Out-of-control Chinese Space Station Is Going To Crash Into Earth This Weekend

It’s going to be a fireball!

In 2016, after completing its final life phase, the Chinese station Tiangong-1 became unresponsive. Since then, its been slowly spiraling back to Earth and is expected to re-enter our atmosphere between March 30 and April 2 in a shower of sparks!

Photo of Tiangong-1 from CNSA.


Due to the chemicals aboard the craft, Tiangong-1 will unleash a “series of fireballs” when it does find its way into our atmosphere.

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute can track Tiangong-1 using radar technology to track the satellite’s descent.

These fireballs will be unmissable, so the average observer can view them too!


The exact time and date for the crash are very hard to predict as the station is orbiting Earth at an impressive 18,000 miles per hour! However, researchers at the European Space Agency have estimated an area where it is likely to make its fiery re-entry.

They think it is likely the satellite will fall at either the north or south 43 degree latitude line. This means it could crash in places like New York, Chicago, Beijing, Rome, or Toronto!


And if you are worried about being hit by a piece of space junk, don’t be! Due to its expected flaming re-entry, there is very little chance that any debris will even make it to the Earth’s surface.

And the chances of being struck by a piece of the station are one in 1.2 trillion!

Source: NZHerald and Daily Mail
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