Controversial Photographer Rotta Shot an MV here’s What It Looks like

A Korean photographer who is accused of portraying pedophilia directed a music video, and it’s causing up a stir online.

Choi Won Suk, a photographer who is best known as Rotta, is known for taking lolita-like pictures of girls.

Rotta collaborated with Dumbfoundead on his latest music video for “Water”.

Dumbfoundead dances around beautiful ladies in swimsuits and short skirts.

Yet an online debate sparked between netizens when particular scenes could be portrayed as lolita.

One of the models dressed in revealing outfits looked particularly young.

Along with the specific model, two models dressed in tennis skirts squirted water on each other’s white shirts, indicating an innuendo.

Highly influenced by Japanese manga, Rotta’s work is known to consist of adult models posing as an adolescent girl, usually in a revealing outfit and questionable poses.

He was under fire back when he collaborated with Sulli and STELLAR on a Lolita-like photoshoot.

Netizens attack “Lolita” concept photographer responsible for Sulli and STELLAR shoots

And has worked with many other idols in similar concepts ever since.

7 Idols You Never Knew Worked With Controversial “Lolita” Photographer Rotta 

Concerned with the negative image that he creates, many K-Pop fans do not want their favorite artist to work with Rotta.

Check out the complete music video below.

Source: Dispatch