Cosmic Girls’s Bona Discusses Her Growth And Future In Acting

She’s a rising star!

KBS 2TV’s Homemade Love Story is coming to an end, and so Cosmic GirlsBona shared her experiences and goals with acting!

Homemade Love Story is a story about three families who live at a boarding house called Samgwang Villa. Each have their own stories, personalities, and backgrounds and learn to live and love from each other. Bona stars as Lee Hae Deun, the second daughter of Lee Soon Jung (Jeon In Hwa).

During the eight months that I spent as Hae Deun, I think I was positively influenced by her bright energy. You can see Hae Deun gradually maturing, and thanks to her growth, I feel like I grew a little as well. Since it was my first time spending a lot of time with one character, I feel like she has become a part of me, and I can’t believe I’m saying goodbye. I think I’ll feel really empty for the time being.


She was then asked if there was a part in the show where she could really relate to Lee Hae Deun. She replied that it wasn’t relating to her to a tee, but when Hae Deun gets eliminated from the debut lineup of a girl group, she really felt her pain. “Because I know trainee life all too well, I think I was able to see Hae Deun as a much tougher and stronger kid [than myself].” She added, “If it had been me in real life, I don’t think I would have been able to act like Hae Deun, so there were many scenes at the agency that broke my heart.


From this, Bona shared what she thought was the most important aspect of portraying the character. She said that no matter the situation, she tried to make Ha Deun cheerful and optimistic. Even if she was going through tough times, she wanted to keep her “vitamin-like.”

The idol-actress also reminisced about her experience on set. She said that the senior actors doting on her made her extremely happy. As she hadn’t worked in many K-Dramas before, she thought that it was fun and enlightening to work with such experienced actors.

Since it was my first time being a part of such a long-running drama, I couldn’t get a sense beforehand of how long of a time it would be, but it feels like it passed by much more quickly than I expected. It was a valuable time where I learned a lot by filming 50 episodes together with the senior actors, from analyzing the script, to how to express my character’s emotions that I hadn’t known much about, and even ad libs. I think in the future, this drama will be a huge source of help for me if I look back on these times.


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When asked what kind of genre she wishes to take part in next, she said that she would love the challenge of a fantasy-historical or fusion historical series. She has never tried to do one before and loves to watch them in her free time.


She was then asked to share her thoughts on the title of “Acting-Dol,” which is an idol who also does a lot of acting (such as ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo or EXO‘s D.O.). Bona easily replied, “I think that because of my amazing senior ‘acting-dols’, people have become less wary [of idols’ acting], and there’s also a lot less prejudice.

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To finish the interview, Bona thanked her many viewers.

Thank you so much to all the viewers who have watched Homemade Love Story for the past six months. I hope that the drama was able to give you even the slightest bit of healing and strength while it was on air. I’ll continue to show you good things through various activities in the future!


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