Cosmic Girls Cheng Xiao and Bona Adorably Attempt To Speak English

Cosmic Girl‘s Bona and Cheng Xiao are majorly adorable in general but when they speak English to each other the cuteness overload is heart melting.

While getting ready for a photoshoot Bona and Cheng Xiao decided to have some fun. In a self-cam Bona recorded their broken English conversation.

The two jokingly called each other “B” for Bona and “C” for Cheng Xiao. Though B came out like “E” on accident Cheng Xiao caught the slip-up and corrected it to B swiftly.

It was a struggle but Cheng Xiao also managed to talk about her hair roller. After trying to say the difficult word multiple times she ended up, in almost a British-sounding accent, announce the roller to be ” my life”.

Later on, Bona tried her best to capture Cheng Xiao’s heart calling her “baby” but was promptly rejected.

The two really have the sweetest chemistry. Even though Bona didn’t fully compute Cheng Xiao’s English her affectionate response is to die for.


Watch the full video below.