Cosmic Girls Eunseo Does Sexy Photoshoot In Tanktop (11 Photos)

She looks absolutely stunning in this new photoshoot!

Cosmic Girls’ Eunseo participated in a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine where she showed off a completely different side of herself.


Eunseo was featured as a “hot girl” who stays in fantastic shape through consistent effort and passion.


In one of the photoshoots, she was wearing a low-cut tank top and a pair of skinny jeans that emphasized her figure.


Despite the fairly simple outfit, her red lips and empowering expression made the look pop.


The outfit also accentuated her already beautiful shoulder line.


In another shoot, she wore an elegant yet alluring black dress that revealed her fit body.


Her wet-hair look added a touch of flair to the elegant style and made it extra special.


She revealed through the interview with the magazine that while she preferred a slim figure in the past, she now prefers to create a healthy and fit body through appropriate exercise and diet.


And, by the looks of her figure currently, it seems like she has succeeded in creating a healthy-looking, fit body!

Source: Enews24

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